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As Hurricane Michael approaches Florida   we want to remind our patients to get prepared.

Regarding medications and insulin—Please make sure you have an ample supply of insulin , and all necessary diabetes supplies.

Contact your pharmacy ASAP if you are in need of ANY refills.

Please be reminded of proper storage of insulin and make sure you have a way to store insulin for at least a  week in case of a power outage.   Insulin is safe at room temperature  for several days but avoid temperature extremes.

INSULIN CAN BE PURCHASED  AT WAL MART without a prescription in the event you are unable to get insulin from your pharmacy.  This insulin is branded- ReliOn and comes in NPH, regular and 70/30 mix in VIALS only.

Please contact the City of Tallahassee for further instructions regarding  Hurricane preparedness including shelters and other issues.

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Mon. - Fri., 8:00AM to 5:00PM
1705 S. Adams Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Office No.: (850) 224-7154


You may contact our office number 24 hours a day. After hours, please call the main number and wait for instructions for non-emergency calls. If you have a life threatening medical emergency, call 911.

For medical questions and problems that cannot wait until the next business day, please listen to the message in its entirety for call back instructions. Weekend calls are forwarded to the on call physician.

Please Call Us

If your diabetes control has deteriorated suddenly such that frequent high or low blood sugar is a problem.

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